I have created this add-on for the easy creation of Zonohedrons in Blender 3D

Image: Standard, Curved and Spiral Zonohedron created in Blender 3D

Image: Standard, Curved and Spiral Zonohedron

Get the latest version of the add-on here (right click and select Save) then follow the install instructions below

Here is a YouTube video that demonstrates installation and use of the Add-on

Installation Instructions

  1. Copy the zonohedron_blender_addon.py file to your Blender 3D Add-ons folder
  2. Go to File->User Preferences
  3. Click on the Add-ons Tab
  4. Under the category Mesh select the 'Mesh: Add Zonohedron' and click the checkbox
  5. Click 'Save User Settings' button
  6. In Object mode open the Tools Panel (Toggle with the letter 'T' on the keyboard)
  7. Under 'Create' at the bottom of the panel you will see the 'Add Zonohedron' panel

Image: Standard, Curved and Spiral Zonohedron

Send me a image of what you build with the add-on to zomes@zr3d.com.au, or share via twitter @ZR3Dtshirts, or instagram @zr3d.au
Please report any bugs/improvement ideas/ feedback to zomes@zr3d.com.au

I created this tool after manualy constructing a ten sided zonohedron in Blender by transposing the methods in this video for SketchUp from Paul Robinson.

Checkout my 2D Zonohedron Generator for an interactive live view of 2D zonohedron geometry

Zonohedron web-GL interactive. Exported from blender created using three.js